Stinky Teddy is ahead of the game because he works in real-time. He can tell you all about what's creating a cyberspace buzz RIGHT NOW! What’s the word on the web? What are the Tweets on the street? What’s bugging the blogosphere? Leave it to Stinky Teddy.

This passion for real-time gossip is how Stinky Teddy differs from Google and other search engines. He is a Real-Time Gossip Powered Metasearch engine. He submits your search request to multiple search engines and combines the responses to give you the best possible results.

Stinky Teddy is one clever bear: he analyzes the content of the search feeds to find the most compelling and relevant results. But Stinky Teddy’s secret weapon is this: if the real-time web is buzzing with rumors and chit-chat about a hot topic, he figures out what you need to know…

Stinky Teddy empowers specialized search engines. Now, Stinky Teddy thinks Google is brilliant for many searches – but not all. In recent years several search engines have emerged that are outstanding for specific types of content. But it’s impractical for any user to know which search engine would be best for each query. So that’s where Stinky Teddy’s expertise comes in.

He allows users to simultaneously preview multiple search engines at times when they might be most useful. Users can preview multiple content types and decide what is the most relevant for that search. Stinky Teddy is currently using Bing (web, news, image), Yahoo! (web, news, image, spelling), VideoSurf (videos with thumbnail previews), and Twitter (microblog). And he is working overtime to recruit even more providers to become his eyes and ears on the web, social media and blogosphere...

Stinky Teddy also makes the easy searches faster. His instant universal search box for Internet Explorer 8 brings his intelligent metasearch directly to your browser as you type.

Stinky Teddy was founded in June, 2009 by David Hardtke. The name refers to his daughter's trusted (and abused) stuffed bear.

email: Twitter: stinky_teddy

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