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Stinky Teddy in Action

We met Andrew Mueller at the Santa Cruz Newtech Meetup on Wednesday, and he has been playing with Stinky Teddy ever since. We've been looking for a particular moment in time and particular search topic where Stinky Teddy hits the Grand Slam. He found something we would consider to be at least a bases-clearing double and shows well what we are aiming to do.

Anyone who overheard a bunch of people talking about "Orlando" in the last few minutes and rushed to their computer to figure out what was going on would have seen this on Stinky Teddy:

We see news and video results about the ongoing shooting incident. Most of the time, people associate Orlando with tourism. Right now, however, Orlando means something else. Note than Stinky Teddy still has some tourism links, but they are further down the page.

On Google we see mostly tourism and a single news link in the middle of the page:

Next week, Stinky Teddy will probably start pushing the tourism again, but today "Orlando" means something else. We figured that out by listening to the real-time gossip stream.


Fascinating. The future is an exciting project.

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