And for our next trickā€¦ Our Abracadabra Search works like magic. And you can complete the trick with a simple click! The Internet Explorer 8 Accelerator adds an extra dimension to your search. Install Accelerator.
Stinky Teddy Search Bar Plugin for Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8 has added accelerators to its browser and they can be activated by right-clicking on the current web page, or by highlighting a passage of text and clicking the blue accelerator arrow. The accelerators allow web services to interact with web pages.

Stinky Teddy uses its accelerator to build context sensitive search information without storing your browsing history. Using the page from which you launch the Stinky Teddy accelerator, we can determine the circumstances from which your search comes and modify the results accordingly. Where you are helps us know where you want to go! Install Accelerator.

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