Our privacy policy is fairly standard for search engines:
  1. We save a record of searches done on our search engine. We also save the IP address. In certain cases, we also save information about the clicks you make on our search page (we do not track you in any way when you are not on our site). This information is used to improve the search engine. We delete the records after one year.
  2. In order to enable preferences, we store several cookies on your computer. One of these is a unique user id number. All of this information gets wiped out if you delete your cookies.
  3. Currently we do not utilize or drop any third party cookies. This may change in the future as our business model develops. At such point, this privacy policy will be updated.
  4. Since we are a metasearch engine, we submit your search to other search engines, each of which has a privacy policy similar to this one.
  5. In the future, we hope to partner with researchers and use this search engine to run experiments. Your searches and click behavior may be published as part of these experiments, but we will not release any personally identifiable information.
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